Stargate SG1 Fiction Index

by ALF

For I Dipt Into The Future 20K
Rating: PG-13
Date:July 21, 2002.
Category: Drama/Angst. Established Relationship. Romance.
Summary: One possible future.

Raindrops 6K
Rating: NC-17
Category: Challenge. PWP.
Date July 22, 2002
Summary: Sex! Response to FNF #5 "Dangerous when wet". It's the morning after the night before, what will happen next?
Warnings: Song lyrics (quoted from "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" by Burt Bacharach); impure smut.

New Horizons 52k
Rating: NC-17
Date Archived: 05/08/02
Category: Drama, Romance, Established 'ship, Slash, Post-Episode, Crossover
Pairings: Jack/Daniel and Jim/Blair
Summary: Post TSbyBS a new future looms on the horizon for Jim and Blair.

My Sweet Valentine 22k
Rating: NC-17
Date: February 10, 2002.
Category: Established Relationship. PWP. Romance.
Synopsis: It's Valentine's Day; romance and sex ensue.
Warnings: Naughty words, graphic sex. Unashamedly mushy - if you don't like sap, then as Jack would say "Bite Me!"

A Hard Day's Night 12K
Rating: NC-17
Date: January 17, 2002.
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Category: First Time. PWP.
Synopsis: After a hard mission, someone gives Sam some relief.
Warnings: None.

Welcome Home Daniel 5K
Rating: R
Date: January 02, 2002.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Category: First Time. Romance.
Synopsis: Jack welcomes Daniel home from Abydos.
Warnings: Not betaed.

Winter 1K
Rating: R
Date: December 31, 2001.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Category: Poem/Limerick. Romance.
Synopsis: Poem.
Warnings: None.

It's Cold Outside 6K
Rating: NC-17
Date: December 17, 2001
Pairing: Jack/Daniel ER
Category: PWP
Season/Spoilers: Spoilers for Solitudes, Out of Mind and Into the Fire. Probably set in S3/early S4.
Synopsis: Daniel warms Jack on a cold planet
Notes: Not beta'd. Something I dug out of my files to fit the cold snap Blighty is having. Very short.
Impure smut (well pure smut is a contradiction in terms after all!)

Recovery 23K
Rating: NC-17
Date: December 07, 2001
Pairing: Jack/Teal'c
Category: First Time. PWP.
Synopsis: Kind of a tag scene for Serpent's Venom.
Warnings: None.

A Christmas Conundrum 12K
Rating: R
Date: November 12, 2001
Series/Spoilers: Nothing major
Pairing: J/D established relationship
Summary: Daniel has a problem to solve
Notes: This is a response to Biblio's Christmas Jammies Fic challenge. I know it's a little early, but wanted to cheer people up. This is for Biblio and Tamy who love Daniel in jammies and bare toes. No sex, but plenty of angst.

The Gift 2.61K
Rating: G
Date: November 08, 2001
Spoilers: None
Pairing: None TEAM fic
Summary: Jack is given a special gift
Notes: Snippet. Inspired by a commercial.

Revelations187k | PlainText version182K
Rating: NC17
Date: November 03,2001
Spoilers: None
Pairing: J/D first time
Summary: A huge honkin' secret from Jack's past is revealed.
Notes: This is a very long story, but it is complete. It was written months ago, before my muse deserted me. She's back now, so beware! Thanks to Adrienne for the beta, to Biblio for inspiring me to try and write as well as she does and make ALL the characters whole rounded people like she does. And to our favourite colonel and linguist for being so darned inspirational!

Decisions, Decisions 10.2k
Pairing: J/D Established relationship
Date:October 26, 2001
Rating: NC-17
No spoilers
Summary: Someone mentioned in feedback for Affirmation they wanted a J/D smutfest. I don't know if this counts as that but it is a pure PWP.

The Eclipse 8.84k
Pairing: J/D established relationship
Date: October 20,2001
No spoilers
Summary: This was written a while ago, inspired by the Eclipse we saw here in the UK.
Just a little something to distract us all from the late-night food discussion!

Affirmation 23.7k
Pairing: J/D Established Relationship
Date: October 18, 2001
Rating: NC-17
Not set during any particular season and no spoilers
Summary: Jack and Daniel celebrate a special day with the help of their friends.
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Title:Friendship 3.19k
Date: January 14,2001
Rating: ? not sure, PG I guess - hardly even slash really
Summary: This is pure drabble.
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Read to find out! Well I didn't know till the end, so why should you?!