Senad Writing Challenge

May 10, 2002
this was presented as the writting challenge sent to the Senad list.
1. Don't look at the topic until you actually have 5 or more minutes to write.
2. After you look at the topic, write as fast as you can whatever comes into your head, no matter how weird. DO NOT EDIT OR REWRITE AS YOU GO.
3. Write for 5 minutes straight, more if you feel like it.
4. After you finish your 5 minutes, go back and edit or rewrite to your heart's content.
My addition:
Since this is for Obsenads, try to keep it at a page or so.
This is the topic, and must be used as the first line in your story:
I am dead. The inevitable cannot be changed.
Have fun!!

Here's my take on it. This is dedicated to the memory of my friend Linda, who died too young.- Andi
I am dead. The inevitable cannot be changed.

There is no going back, not this time. No Jim to save me this time. Instead he went first. So no wolf, no panther. No merger, just oblivion.

But it was a good life. I just wish I could have told Jim I loved him, just once, just to see his reaction.

Not even Ellison’s super senses can get us out of this mess. I’m sorry Jim, I never meant for it end this way.


“Ellison, Sandburg, where the hell are you? For god’s sake make some noise, we’re not all Sentinels able to see in the dark.”

Simon? Is that really Simon? Maybe it’s not over after all, so long as I can get his attention. All right, Sandburg, deep breath. Yeah, I know it hurts, but you can do this. You have to do this, for Jim’s sake if not your own.

“Over here Simon!” God that hurt.

“Sandburg that you?”

No, it’s the Tooth Fairy. “Simon, yeah, it’s us, we’re here, Jim’s hurt bad.”

“Hold on Sandburg, we’ll get you out, I promise.”

Don’t worry Simon, I’m not going anywhere. There may not be much of me left, but it's staying put I promise.

The End (?) question mark added by Nast Web Site Godess :-)