Obsenad Funny Link

by Andi, July 2002

"Jim, what's so funny man?" Blair wandered into the room that had once been his bedroom, but now housed their home office. Jim had gone in there a while ago to do some accounting, leaving Blair to watch a nature special on Discovery.

"It's this link Stephen emailed me," Jim explained, turning to look at Blair, a big grin on his face.

Blair crossed over to look at the PC monitor. "What's it for?" he asked curiously.

"Just click on it and you'll find out," Jim said, shifting slightly sideways to give Blair access to the mouse.

Blair clicked the link and as soon as the new window opened, he too dissolved in to laughter.

"That is so cool man," he said. "The cultural and anthropological significance of this is amazing."

"Damn funny too," Jim said.

"Totally," Blair agreed, still chuckling.


To find out what's so amusing, click the link below!