Obsenad Hot Jazz

by Andi, 08/06/02


This is what you get because I watched a jazz Prom tonight, so blame Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra, not me :-)

The club was dark, smoky and hot. But not as hot as Blair Sandburg as he stood in front of a mic, singing to the crowd packed into the jazz club. And definitely not as hot as Jim Ellison as he watched the man on the stage, weaving his magic around the crowd.

Sandburg was performing at the club “for one night only” as the old cliche had it. He had agreed to appear as a special favour to the owner of the club, Simon Banks who was an old friend of his mother, Naomi. Just how close a friend, Blair wasn’t exactly sure, but close enough that when the request had come to him from Simon, via his mother, he had been unable to refuse. He had hoped that Naomi would be in Cascade long enough to see him sing, but she had left two days earlier on another trip in her constant search for spiritual enlightenment.

“Blair, honey, I’ll be there in spirit,” she had told him as they hugged goodbye at the airport.

Blair had nodded acceptance and understanding, but inside he wished that just this once, she’d be there in body too. “I know, Mom,” he said, kissing her goodbye. “Enjoy your trip.”

“I will sweetie,” she said, then she was gone in a swirl of gossamer material and delicate perfume, en route to India and a meeting with some new guru who was the talk of all her friends.


Blair brought his thoughts back to his set and the next song as he waited through the rapturous applause that had greeted the conclusion of each song. He looked out across the crowd, catching another glimpse of the tall good looking stranger who had been lounging against the bar all evening, occasionally exchanging a word or two with Simon or the bartender.

Blair couldn’t help wondering who the guy was, he’d never seen him at the club before. There was no way he’d ever forget a guy as god-like as that. Just then the god looked up and caught his eye. Blair’s breath caught in the back of his throat and he swallowed hard. The look had sparked between them, almost burning in the intense fire as blue eyes locked on blue, one pair cool as ice, the other as smoky as the club’s atmosphere.

The introduction to the next song throbbed into Blair’s awareness and he began to sing, keeping his attention riveted on the stranger at the bar, who just stared right back at him. Blair could feel the heat throbbing between them as he sang and he felt distantly glad this was his last number and he had told Simon in advance he didn’t do encores. He was desperate to get back stage and jerk himself off to relieve the growing pressure in his tight jeans, knowing his head would full of images of this man fucking him as he did so.

He wondered if Simon knew the man, certainly from what little Blair had seen of their earlier interactions, there had seemed to be a hint of familiarity between them. Perhaps he could find out his name from Simon. Then someone else at the bar jostled Blair’s lust object and their glance was finally broken. Blair focussed his attention back onto the song and the rest of the crowd in the club, until finally it was over and he was done, free to escape back to the tiny dressing room while the small band continued to play and the house singer took over. He didn’t even hear the disappointment of the crowd because he wasn’t going to do an encore. His entire being was consumed by the need for privacy.

As he reached the door of the dressing room, he almost groaned as he heard Simon’s deep voice booming out behind him.

“Blair!” the voice commanded a response, he couldn’t ignore it. Telling his traitorous body to wait and his hard dick that it’s time was close at hand, he took a deep breath and turned.

“Simon,” he said, the word faltering as he took in the presence of the man at his friend’s side. The breath whooshed out of him and he stood literally mouth agape. Close up, the stranger was even more handsome.

“Blair, this is Jim Ellison, an old friend of mine,” Simon’s voice dragged Blair’s attention back to him and he registered the name through his haze of lust, not noticing the small smile on the face of the club’s owner.

“Pleased to meet you,” the god held out his hand towards Blair, he took it and shook automatically, just about managing to squeak out a reply.

“Jim and I knew each other in the Army,” Simon explained.

Blair nodded vaguely.

“I should let you change,” Jim suggested hesitantly.

“You can wait for him in the dressing room,” Simon suggested, trying not to appear too obvious.

Blair gave another vague nod and turned to open the door. “Come in,” he said politely, automatically, gesturing Jim forward.

“I’ll see you before you leave, Blair,” Simon said.

“Sure, Simon,” Blair called back, already starting to strip off the tight mesh muscle shirt he was wearing, oblivious to the effect he was having on the other man in the tiny room.


Jim shut the door and leant against it, glad to watch the other man covertly. He could almost feel the lust pouring off the other man and he had been aware of the bulging groin as well.

“So what do you do for a living?” the question startled Jim as Blair suddenly turned to look at him.

“Huh?” it was a lame response, but with all of Jim’s blood in his rock hard dick as he took in the tempting hair that covered Blair’s chest, it was the best he could manage.

Blair gave a low chuckle, well aware of the effect he was having on the other man and glad it went both ways.

“Your job?” he repeated his question patiently as he reached into the small bathroom off the changing room to switch on the shower.

“Oh!” Jim shook of his lust-induced stupor. “I’m a detective,” he said. “Cascade PD.”

“Which department?” Blair asked as he undid his hair from the leather band he wore it in while singing.

Jim grimaced. “Vice,” he said.

Blair nodded his head in sympathy. “Must be tough,” he said.

Jim muttered something that might have been agreement as Blair undid his jeans and slipped them off, revealing tight black briefs underneath, seemingly unaware of Jim’s observation.

Jim checked the door behind him unobtrusively, making sure it was locked. Then he pulled his T-shirt off, revealing a smooth expanse of chest.

“Need someone to soap your back, Chief?” he asked, prowling forward to where Blair was standing in front of a closet removing towels.

He chuckled as Blair jumped in surprise and whirled round, catching the other man by the arms before he could fall. Then Jim pulled him flush against his body and kissed him, hungrily, possessively, forcing his tongue into Blair’s mouth and stealing his breath away.

Blair, to give him credit, returned the kiss just as aggressively, until they were finally forced to stop, panting breathlessly, still plastered against each other.

Jim’s hands strayed down to Blair’s ass and toyed with the waistband of the briefs. In retaliation, Blair reached down and undid Jim’s jeans. Jim sighed with relief as the pressure eased in his groin and moaned with pleasure as Blair started to stroke him.

Blair moaned too, shocked and thrilled to find that Jim had gone commando under the tight denim. He pushed Jim’s jeans down to his feet while Jim toed off his shoes. Then Jim stepped out of the puddled pants and backed Blair into the bathroom and under the spray of the shower.

They kissed again, this time the passion turned to gentle exploration of each other’s mouths, before the kisses moved on to other body parts. Jim laved a spot behind Blair’s ear that made the other man whimper in pleasure, the whimper turn into a loud moan when Jim sucked a passion mark onto the skin at that location.

The water poured down on them as they got to know each other’s bodies. Blair pulled away finally, to look at Jim.

“Fuck me?” he asked.

Jim gasped. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Blair turned and leant against the wall of the shower, spreading his legs, saying nothing, but offering everything. Jim moved forward and ran his hands possessively down Blair’s body, until he was cupping the beautiful ass of his lover. At the same time, he sucked and licked at Blair’s nape, pushing aside the heavy curls with his nose.

“Yes,” he breathed the word against Blair’s skin and a tiny push backwards from Blair’s hips told him the other man had heard his acceptance of the offer.

Jim reached to snag the bottle of liquid soap that hung on a hook. He poured some into his palm and coated one finger. Then he gently started to prepare Blair for penetration. Jim took his time, making sure that Blair was enjoying the process as much as he was, until he had three fingers brushing his partner’s prostate and Blair’s hips were in motion.

They reached around for an awkward kiss as Jim finally entered Blair slowly, allowing them both time to adjust their bodies to what they were doing. Finally, though, Jim was all the way in and they rested like that, exchanging another kiss, until Blair indicated with a thrust of his hips that he was ready for Jim to move.

Jim worked hard to keep control for as long as possible, wanting to make this as enjoyable as he could for his partner. At the same time, he pumped and stroked Blair’s cock, revelling in the pleasure sounds that Blair was making the whole time.

When Jim could no longer restrain himself and Blair’s movements in counter point to his own suggested the other man was reaching climax, Jim started to pound hard, grunting and moaning in the throes of passion.

Then, after what seemed an eternity on the edge, they were coming, Blair first, Jim a beat behind him, shaking and shivering uncontrollably through their climax, until they collapsed together, sated and exhausted on the floor of the shower, finally aware of the now-cold water pouring over them.

Jim reached up a long arm to turn off the control, then wrapped the arm back around Blair, who rested in his lap. They stayed that way for a short while, but Blair soon began to shiver, so Jim hoisted them both upright and reached for the towels to wrap around their now chilled bodies.

As they dried off they shared soft smiles and hot looks, lingering admiration and warmth in their gaze.

“Do you want to come back to my place for something to eat?” Blair suggested, breaking the silence finally as they dressed.

Jim looked up. “Where do you live?” he asked.

“Lexington Place,” Blair said.

Jim whistled. “That’s a pretty expensive neighbourhood,” he said.

Blair shrugged carelessly. “I guess,” he replied. “It wasn’t like that though, when I moved in, so I got a good deal from the owner who renovated the place.”

“Okay,” Jim said. “How about pizza?”

Blair pulled a face. “How about something cholesterol free?” he offered.

It was Jim’s turn to grimace. “Chinese?” he countered.

“Thai,” Blair gave a mischievous grin.

“Thai’s fine,” Jim smiled in relief that they had reached agreement.

“Let’s just say goodbye to Simon, then we can head out,” Blair said. “I want to know all about you, Detective Ellison.”

“Works both ways, Chief,” Jim said, holding the door open for the other man.

They exchanged another kiss, tender and passion filled, then made their way to the office where Simon was working on his accounts, looking forward to getting to know each other even more intimately they already did.

The end