Obsenad I'm Back

by Andi, 07/30/02

Made it home alive, glad to say. Here is one obsenad. I have another planned, will write it later/tomorrow.

Oh and neither my dad or I ended up even slightly bent, let alone dead, although I did have a good laugh (inside) when he called me a prude during a discussion about whether or not my home town (Stroud) was going to get a "sex shop" - a guy who has a store selling leather clothes/accessories wants to sell sex toys too.

Here's the Obsenad.



Blair pushed open the door to 307, dropped his keys in the basket and his bags on the floor. Then he made a beeline for the couch and flopped down on to it, exhausted.

“Man it’s good to be home,” he said.

Jim followed behind him, stacking the bags neatly and smiling at his partner. He fetched them both a beer from the fridge.

“It’s good to have you back, Chief,” he replied. He had really missed Blair while he had been visiting Naomi in LA.

Blair smiled up at him. “I really missed you, Big Guy,” he said. “Naomi was disappointed you couldn’t make it too.”

Jim shrugged. “Next time,” he said. “There was no way Simon could let me take some leave with both Megan and Joel off sick.”

“Yeah, that sucked big time,” Blair agreed. “How are they anyway?”

“They’ll both be back at work on Monday,” Jim replied.

“That’s good to hear,” Blair had been worried about the two detectives who had been infected with smallpox by a terrorist. It had made a change for someone other than he or Jim to be targeted and he felt guilty relief that for once it hadn’t been either of them. That had been largely due to the fact that Jim had been working on a case with the Feds when the terrorist case had opened up. For once, Blair was grateful to the agency for needing his Sentinel’s skills in solving another case.

“Come on Chief,” Jim carried his beer bottle out to the fridge.

“What?” Blair looked up startled, he had been lost in his thoughts.

“Let’s get your gear sorted out,” the other man said.

“Oh Jim,” Blair started to whine.

“Don’t ‘oh Jim’ me, Chief,” Jim chided gently. “You know you’ll be glad in the morning that we sorted all this stuff out now. We’ll be able to have a lie-in knowing this isn’t waiting downstairs to be dealt with.”

Blair heaved the sigh of the long-suffering and dragged himself to his feet. “Yeah, okay, Mr Anal Retentive,” he said. “Let’s get on with it.”

Jim smiled and handed a bag to his partner, who took it with a groan and carried it upstairs, ready to start sorting out the dirty clothing, toiletries, souvenirs and all the other odds and ends he always seemed to accumulate when he visited his mother. Holidays were great, but coming back was always a drag.

Just then Jim came up behind him and put his arms around Blair’s waist. He took a deep breath of his Guide’s essence and then began licking his neck.

“I missed you, Blair,” he said in a low, husky voice.

Blair shivered. Maybe going away wasn’t so bad if he got to come back to a welcome like this, he decided, just before all his brain cells migrated south for the winter.

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