Obsenad Live Journal

by Andi, 07/09/02

"Vanity of vanities; all is vanity." Ecclesiastes 1:2

I've created a live journal, see addy in my sig file. Here is the Obsenad to compensate for the OT post.


Jim heard laughter coming from Blair’s old room, now his office and went to investigate.

“What’s so funny, Chief?” he asked, leaning against the door frame as he looked at his Guide and lover, who was sat in front of his lap top.

“Oh, Jim, uh hi,” Blair stuttered in surprise.

Jim gave him an appraising look and noted absently with Sentinel senses the rise in his Guide’s heart rate and the hint of anxiety he was exuding.

“What are you up to?” Jim asked, advancing into the small room to try and get a look at the screen of the lap top.

“Uh, nothing,” Blair said hesitantly.

“Didn’t sound like nothing,” Jim responded, noting the furtive way that Blair tried to move his body to block the screen. However, it didn’t stop Jim seeing over his shoulder the title on the web page currently on display.

“’Mating habits of the Urban Sentinel’. What the hell is this Sandburg?” he demanded.

“It’s not what you think, Jim,” Blair said quickly, raising his hands defensively in front of him.

Jim pushed Blair aside, chair and all, so that he could see the screen properly.

“It’s just a bit of fun,” Blair said quickly as he watched Jim read the rest of what was on the screen. “It’s a live journal, see, kind of like the journal I write in every day, but this one is on-line and people can go and read what I’ve written and comment on it.”

Jim gave him an incredulous look. “Why the hell are you writing about our sex life Sandburg?”

“I’m not, not really,” Blair said. “There’s no way anyone can tell from this who I’m talking about and it says earlier on that this is fiction, it’s not real. Look.” Blair quickly scrolled back to the relevant entry and pointed out to Jim.

Jim read it through. “Yeah well, even so, Chief, I don’t like this. People may still remember your diss even after all this time. And if the Feds or someone came across, they could put two and two together.”

“Jim, not everything is a conspiracy,” Blair said, trying to reassure his lover, patting him on the back as he said it.

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you,” Jim repeated back to his partner a phrase his lover had quoted to him once before, in relation to the Brackett incident.

“I know Big Guy, I know,” Blair said gently. “But I’ve done everything I can to disguise who I am. Look at this,” he pointed to another entry, where he mentioned he had got the idea for his “work of fiction” from the work of a discredited former anthropologist.

Jim harumphed. “I’m still not sure about this Chief,” he said.

“If it bothers you that much Jim, I’ll stop,” Blair said immediately, not wanting to hurt or upset his lover.

“No, I guess it’s okay,” Jim said. “On one condition.”

It was Blair’s turn to look worried, when he saw the glint in his lover’s eye. “What?” he asked warily.

“You create one of these live journal things for me so that I can write about the mating habits of the urban Guide,” Jim said, unable to stop himself from laughing at the hapless look on his partner’s face.

After a second Blair started laughing too, even as he reached for the lap top to start creating the account for Jim.


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