Thanks to Amy for the plot bunny that wouldn't quit after she suggested the idea to me in feedback for my May Day obsenad :) I just had to write this...

The Lucky Necklace

May 04,2002
Suddenly there was a hail of bullets flying in the air from the building where the perps were holed up. Jim was returning fire, then he was falling, falling hard.

“Jim!” Blair screamed at him, more scared than he’d ever been.

The weapons fire continued for several minutes, then abruptly fell silent. The SWAT team was moving in, rounding up and cuffing the suspects. Blair raced towards Jim, desperate to get to his lover’s side.

He fell to his knees next to Jim, frantic with worry, looking for bullet wounds.

“Chief, Chief, Blair, I’m okay,” the voice protested weakly.

“Jim, Jim, oh god, Jim,” Blair’s voice broke on a sob as he finally took in that Jim was in fact not just alive but uninjured.

“I’m okay,” Jim repeated, struggling to a sitting position, Blair helping him to rest against the side of a car.

Blair’s fingers continued to explore, to reassure himself that his partner was in fact all right.

Simon joined them. “Ellison, you all right?” he asked gruffly.

“I’m fine, Simon,” Jim replied reassuringly. “The vest did it’s job.”

“There’s blood here,” Blair said, pointing to Jim’s hip.

“It’s just a scratch, Chief,” Jim said.

“Get you checked out by the Paramedics, anyway,” Simon ordered.

“Yes sir,” Jim said and allowed Blair to help him to his feet. As he did so, something metal tinkled on the ground.

“What’s that?” Simon scooped it up off the ground.

“The necklace Blair gave me,” Jim said.

“Why weren’t you wearing it?” Blair asked accusingly.

“The cord broke,” Jim said, showing Blair the split ends of the leather. “I was going to get a replacement at lunchtime.”

The metal looked strangely dented and out of shape, even more so than it had when Blair had given it to Jim. Blair fingered it thoughtfully as he helped Jim in to the back of an ambulance to get his side checked.

“It’s only a graze,” Jim said to the paramedic who was looking at the wound.

“A lucky miss,” the paramedic said, examining the bloody gash on Jim’s hip bone.

“I think the bullet hit this,” Blair said, holding up the necklace.

“Really?” the paramedic looked at the small piece of metal. “That some sort of lucky charm?”

“I guess you could call it that,” Jim agreed, smiling at Blair.

Blair smiled back. “Very lucky,” he said. It seemed the Beltaine gift he had given his lover had done it’s job after all.