Obsenad Some JB Smut

by Andi, mid july 2002

Undated- mid July (bad webmaster, no biscuit!)

Just a little something I thought I'd share with you from a story I'm working on right now. Comments welcome :)


Once back at the loft, they wasted no time on preliminaries, instead Jim was shoving Blair back against the door before it was properly shut, kissing him aggressively, his tongue thrusting into the other manís mouth. Their hips ground together as they ripped clothes away from each otherís bodies, frantic for skin to skin contact.

Then in a surprise move, Blair wrenched his mouth free of Jimís and whirled them around so that his partner was the one shoved up against the door. Before Jim knew what was happening, or had a chance to protest, Blair was on his knees and deep throating Jimís dick in one move. Jim howled in approval and reached down to grab onto Blairís head for support, his fingers tangling in silky curls. At the same time, he forced himself to dial down his senses, desperate to last longer than three seconds.

When he had regained a tiny measure of control, Jim looked down just as Blair glanced up at him, eyes smoky with passion, desire and love.

ďJesus, Blair,Ē Jim managed to say breathlessly.

Blair smiled as he withdrew his mouth slowly along the length of Jimís rock hard erection. He replaced his lips with his fingers, teasing the shaft with a feather light touch. Jim closed his eyes again as he focussed his senses on Blair, missing the sight of his lover sucking hard on one of his own fingers to wet it with saliva.

As Blairís mouth again descended on Jimís increasingly needy cock, he also slid the saliva-slick finger into Jimís hole. The finger massaged the tight passage as Blair sucked in earnest, suddenly eager for Jim to come. His finger stroked unerringly over Jimís prostate in time with his sucking and Jimís signalled his climax with an incoherent shout of what might have been Blairís name. Blair swallowed eagerly as he eased Jim through the explosive orgasm and itís aftershocks. As Jim slid down the door, boneless and sated, Blair held on to him and eased him into his arms.

Soft kisses to his face brought Jim back to himself and he opened his eyes to find himself cradled against Blairís body, an insistent hard on pressing in to a thigh. At the same time, Blairís hands were caressing his back in soothing strokes.

ďBack with me lover?Ē Blair asked with a smile.

ďUh,Ē Jim said unintelligibly. He swallowed a couple of times and tried again. ďYeah I guess so,Ē he managed.

ďGood,Ē Blair said, pausing to lick at an ear. ďIíve still got that meaty sub waiting for you.Ē

Jim couldnít help but chuckle a bit at that comment. He pulled Blairís face up to his own and they exchanged long, wet kisses. Jim was now supporting Blair against his chest and one hand reached down to caress the inviting silky hardness of his lover, teasing the needy cock. Blair moaned and let his head fall back against Jimís shoulder. Jim immediately moved his mouth down to the tempting length of his Guideís throat, kissing and nipping at the skin, leaving a passion mark near the base of the throat, where it wouldnít be readily visible.

Blairís moans and groans encouraged him to speed up the strokes on the throbbing cock he still held. Jim rubbed pre-come around the head of the shaft, then slid his hand down to the base. He kept up a steady pressure on Blair, sensing his loverís climax was close. Blair moved his mouth towards Jimís blindly and Jim was happy to oblige him with another long, passionate kiss, tongues duelling and plundering wildly as Blair sped towards orgasm.

Finally, Blair came with a wail, pumping over Jimís hand and his own belly. Jim coaxed him through the aftershocks, as Blair had done for him, stroking the smooth skin of Blairís back and placing small, random kisses across his loverís face. Eventually, Blair slumped against the broad support of Jimís chest, totally spent and sated.

===== END