Obsenad fool me

by Andi, 08/01/02

This is a re-write of the Obsenad I tried to send last week. It is a tag for “Fool Me Twice”. Shame on me 08-01-02

Be warned: This story contains "domestic discipline", bondage and spanking. If that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, hit delete now!

“I still can’t believe you handcuffed Gustavo to our pillar,” Blair looked at Jim as they drove home from the station after the conclusion of the Benet case.

“I can’t believe you were out till two am with some woman,” Jim retorted.

“Dr Genevieve Benet is hardly ‘some woman’,” Blair replied quietly.

“I’m well aware of that Chief,” Jim said, sparing a glance for his lover as they stopped at a red traffic light.

“You know that I wouldn’t cheat on you, man,” Blair told him.

“Do I?” Jim asked, pulling the truck up outside their apartment building in its usual parking spot.

After the engine shut down, they sat in silence for several seconds, Jim’s question hovering in the air.

“Oh man!” Blair said finally. “Look, I kissed her once, that’s all. She wasn’t interested and I knew it was a mistake as soon as I did it.”

“I think we should continue this upstairs,” Jim said.

Blair swallowed hard, recognising that tone of voice. He nodded acquiescence and got out of the truck.


Once inside the loft, Jim got them both a bottle of water and they sat on opposite couches.

“I’m sorry, Jim,” Blair said. “I know what I did was wrong. I do love you, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He fiddled with his bottle of water, not drinking any of it.

Jim looked over at his dejected partner, head hanging down so that his hair obscured his face.

“Do you want me to punish you, Blair?” he asked softly.

Blair’s head snapped up so fast, it was a wonder he didn’t get whiplash. Hope and uncertainty vied for dominance on his face.

“I thought, after last time,” he started to say.

“I know what I said,” Jim replied. “I thought that after Iris, we wouldn’t go through this again. But if this is what you need, I’ll do it.”

Blair nodded agreement. “I need this,” he said.

“Then go take a shower and prepare yourself while I get everything ready,” Jim told him.

Blair headed off for the bathroom as Jim went upstairs.


When Blair came back from the bathroom, naked, Jim was standing waiting, dressed in tight leather pants and nothing else. Blair gasped, feeling a surge of arousal through his body. Jim’s sly smile told him that the Sentinel was well aware of his effect on his Guide. Jim handed a leather cock ring to Blair.

“Put this on and assume the position,” he said calmly.

Blair fumbled with the cock ring for a minute, before eventually getting it into place. Then he walked over to the pillar where Gustavo had been handcuffed, reaching his arms around the support. At the same time he spread his legs as wide as he could, one each side of the post.

Jim walked around in front of Blair and fastened his hands with padded cuffs, then he knelt down and secured his ankles as well. Once the restraints were fastened to his satisfaction, he stepped back behind Blair and picked up the leather paddle. Blair had not made a sound throughout the preparations.

“Ten,” Jim announced. “I want you to count them out.”

Blair nodded his understanding.

Smack “One”

Smack “Two”

By the time Jim got to the fourth hit, Blair was crying and apologising. By the tenth, he was shaking and begging Jim to stop, asking for forgiveness. Jim dropped the paddle and hurried to undo the restraints. Then he gathered Blair into his arms, soothing and comforting him.

“It’s okay, Blair, it’s okay,” he murmured the words over and over again, reassuring his lover.

Eventually, Blair’s sobs diminished and he quietened down. Jim gave him some Kleenex to wipe his face dry and blow his nose.

“Better?” he asked.

Blair nodded agreement.

“It’s over, Chief, I love you, I forgive you,” Jim told him, hugging his partner close.

“I love you too,” Blair said. “Thank you Jim.”

Jim kissed him, slowly and gently at first, then as the passion rose, harder and more aggressively. Blair responded eagerly. Eventually, they broke the kiss and Blair dropped to his knees in front of Jim. He looked up at Jim who nodded his agreement. Blair carefully undid the tight pants and allowed Jim’s hard cock to spring free. Without any attempt to remove the pants, Blair leaned forward, took a deep breath and deep throated his lover.

Jim cried out in surprise and pleasure, hands going to tangle in Blair’s curls, holding the other man’s head in place as he began to thrust into Blair’s welcoming heat. The smell of the leather in combination with the scent of both men’s arousal was intoxicating and it wasn’t long before Blair was swallowing Jim’s come.

As he shuddered through the aftermath, Jim sank to his knees in front of Blair. They clung together, exchanging kisses, sharing their tastes. Blair’s cock was still held in the leather ring, throbbing with need.

Jim reached down and stroked the velvet hardness of his lover’s arousal. Blair moaned, desperate for release. Jim unsnapped the cock ring with one hand and continued to stroke his lover with the other. Seconds later, Blair was coming with a cry of Jim’s name.

Finally sated, he collapsed into Jim’s arms, allowing the Sentinel to soothe him through the aftermath. When he had recovered, he smiled up at Jim.

“Thanks lover,” he said, accepting a soft kiss from Jim.

“Let’s go to bed,” Jim suggested and Blair nodded agreement with a yawn.

“A nap and then I’ll cook us dinner,” he said, allowing Jim to help him to his feet.

Together they made their way up the stairs to bed, reassured that they had renewed their bond and love for each other.