Obsenad Silence Speaks

by Andi, 08/02/02

Date: 08-02 Silence Speaks

Just a little something, to say thanks to Rhonda (you know why <g>). This is kinda experimental as there is no dialogue in this. Hope y'all like it!

Blair trudged slowly up the stairs, the broken elevator symbolising in his mind all that had gone wrong on this day, the culmination of a really bad week. As he got to the third floor, he started trying to find his keys in his pocket, juggling his back pack in his hands. One of its straps had broken earlier that day, causing the pack to fall into a rain puddle. One of his textbooks had taken the brunt of the fall and was ruined, meaning heíd have to find the money from somewhere to buy a replacement.

Just as Blair reached the door to the loft, the door swung open and Jim Ellison stood in the doorway. He was dressed in Blairís favourite outfit, leather trousers and a grey silk shirt, which turned him on so fast, it made him dizzy.

As Blair opened his mouth to say something, Jim put one gentle hand over his mouth and used the other one to pull Blair into the loft. He took the backpack from Blairís arms and put it on the floor under the coat rack. Then he removed Blairís soaking wet jacket and dumped it into a waiting bucket. Blair stood there quietly and let his partner take care of him. Jim knelt in front of him and removed his boots. Then he led Blair by the hand to the bathroom.

Once there, Jim stripped off Blairís clothes then helped him into the waiting tub of hot water, which contained some of their favourite bath oil. As Blair leant his head back against the edge of the tub, closing his eyes, Jim gave him a soft, gentle kiss, then left him to soak in peace.

When Blair finally opened his eyes again, the water was barely lukewarm and Jim was waiting for him. He climbed out of the tub and into the warm towel Jim was holding out for him. Another towel went around his hair and then he was manoeuvred out of the bathroom and upstairs to their bedroom.

The room had been lit with a number of scented candles and Blair could feel that the heating had been turned up so that he wouldnít catch a chill. The bed was made up with dark blue satin sheets, a shade that Jim had once admitted he thought matched the shade of Blairís eyes. They had another pair in a shade Blair thought matched Jimís eyes.

Blair allowed himself to be seated on the edge on the bed. Jim climbed up behind him and started rubbing his hair dry. Then he took Blairís comb and combed out all the tangles.

When he had finished, Blair discarded the other towel and slid off the bed to kneel between Jimís opened legs. Leaning forward, he tugged open the ties fastening Jimís pants with his teeth. Immediately, Jimís hard cock sprang free. Blair rubbed his face across it, knowing how Jim loved the feel of his evening stubble across the sensitive skin.

Jim was moaning somewhere above him and Blair could see his hands clenching in the bed clothes. He gradually sucked Jimís dick into his mouth, while one hand stroked over the leather of the pants and the other played with Jimís nipples through the silk of the shirt. Both of them enjoyed the sensual feeling of the silk and leather against naked skin.

After a few minutes, Jim pulled Blair up on to the bed and on top of him. He plundered his loverís mouth in a deep, scorching kiss, leaving them both breathless. Blair rolled them over so that Jim was on top, then arched up so that their cocks collided, causing them both to groan deeply.

Jim took the hint and started up a rocking motion, rubbing them together, both of them luxuriating in the feeling of Blairís nakedness against Jimís still-clothed form. When Jim could feel them both getting close to the edge, he stopped. He put his fingers on Blairís lips at the moan of protest his lover gave.

Blair watched as Jim reached past him to snag the lube off the nightstand. He presented it to Blair, in invitation and Blair gave a small nod of understanding as he took the tube. Jim moved on to his back and lifted his hips enough to allow Blair to pull his pants down his legs as far as his knees. Then he turned over on all fours, crouching over Blair.

The ritual was one they had played out before and they needed no words. Each knew what the other wanted and how their love making would go. Blair positioned himself and started sucking Jim again, while at the same time starting to prepare him for penetration. Jim liked to come first before being taken.

When they both knew that Jim was ready to come, Blair allowed Jimís cock to slip free from his mouth. The hand that he wasnít using to prepare Jim, instead stroked him to climax, allowing his come to splatter Blairís face and chest, some landing in his hair and some on his mouth.

After his orgasm, Jim lay on his side next to Blair, panting while his lover soothed him through the aftershocks. As Jim recovered he leaned over to Blair to kiss him, tasting his own come on his loverís mouth as he did so. One hand supported his weight, while the other began to rub the semen on Blairís chest into his hair and across his nipples.

Blair broke the kiss to pant for air, so Jim began licking his face clean. Finally, when Blair could barely hold himself back, Jim went to all fours beside him, his signal that he was ready for Blair.

Blair knelt up behind him and first put two fingers inside Jim again, to make sure he was relaxed and ready. When Jim began to thrust back against him, Blair withdrew the fingers and lubed up his cock. Then he slowly and steadily pushed inside Jim, not stopping until he was fully sheathed. Jim whimpered and moaned his pleasure, but still neither of them spoke.

Blair began to thrust slowly and gently inside Jim, leaning over him, enjoying the feeling of silk and leather against his skin as he made love to his partner. They had built up to this slowly, so it wasnít long before Blair could feel the burning need to come inside his body. He started to thrust harder and faster, Jim meeting his thrusts equally, wanting to feel his loverís climax deep inside of him.

Blair finally came with a long drawn out moan, pushing as deep into Jim as possible and then holding there as he pumped his come into his lover, eventually collapsing across Jimís back, sated and exhausted.

They lay together for a long time, until Blair was forced to move. He withdrew slowly and carefully then rolled over to lie beside Jim. They exchanged tender kisses and happy smiles before coiling their limbs together for a post-sex nap, all the stresses and strains of the week forgotten in the face of their love and togetherness.